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Get to know us better! Who we are; Roma Pizza is a purely Greek company, No1 at dining restaurants and one of the largest pizza chains in Greece.

We started in 1972, since then we have been building our credibility, maintaining undiminished values ​​such as quality, service & innovation.

Join the RP family! Make a safe and profitable investment with a company which traces its successful course for over 50 years.

Frequently Asked Questions
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The requirements to become a member of RP family are simpler than you think. In addition to the required capital to start your branch, you must love our products and possess the passion and dedication to create a successful business.

You’ll be surprised to find out that many of our franchisees had no experience before joining our chain! Prior restaurant/pizza knowledge and experience – although helpful – are not necessary as you will be trained with us at all stages.

The investment initially is €70,000 for the construction of your store and the equipment you will need, plus an entry fee of €15,000.

There are no financing options from Roma Pizza. However, banks have various lending programs.

The initial duration of the contract is 6 years. As long as its terms & conditions are met and both members wish to, it is automatically renewed for 5 more years.

Royalties for the usage of the Roma Pizza name is 5% of the store’s net sales.

The company has a list of available areas for new Roma Pizza branches. To see the available areas, click here.

You don’t see the area of your interest on our list?No worries; fill out the franchise contact form by clicking here

The franchisee is responsible for finding a business location, as well as constructing it. The company provides you with a list of requirements that a business location must meet and then an indicative list of suppliers for  constructing it, so that you have the lowest possible cost. The business location must be approved by our company. Although we do not take over the branch’s construction, we do provide constant guidance before and during construction, so that your branch not only meets company’s specifications, but is also beautiful and functional!

Of course! If you have your own property/ business location or restaurant and want to create a business for you and/or your family or you already operate a restaurant business and wish to become a member of our network, you can start even faster and with lower costs. In both cases the company’s requirements and specifications must be met.

Before you open your branch, you and/or your store manager will go through a training of approximately 6-8 weeks, by experienced executives of our company on a practical and also a theoretical level. The training happens in real authorized RP branches, in Athens and Thessaloniki.

In addition, once you enter into the Roma Pizza chain, you are provided with the branch’s operating manual and also the products preparation manual.

Of course, learning never stops! We will be by your side every step of the way, whatever you need with continuous, essential support and training at all stages.

Our philosophy is that franchisees should be willing to devote several hours of their personal time to their RP branch. After all, this is one of the secrets of success. It can be easier achieved by your personal work. If your family is a part of it even better!

Advertising and marketing strategies is 3% of the branch’s net sales. In addition every franchisee must spent 2-3% per month on local advertising. All local advertisement must be approved by Roma Pizza.

The majority of raw materials are produced with Roma Pizza’s recipes; so we can achieve stability in quality and be sure that every pizza, dish or salad in any RP branch tastes the same. In addition, our company provides a list of approved suppliers, for a range of raw and secondary materials, for avoidance of differentiation in the final products.

Our company collaborates with distribution networks (logistics) in Athens and Thessaloniki. They supply our pizza chain, with frequent routes – 2 times a week – in Athens, Thessaloniki and the countryside.

The company, for sameness of RP network as well as being practical, has a common price list of recommended prices for the entire pizza chain, which also applies to our call center and online orders – through the online shops and mobile apps. According to legislation, the prices are determined individually; every franchisee can decide for his/her branch. The company can centrally coordinate nationwide offers and promotions.

Our company provides a list of the equipment you will need and an indicative list of cooperating suppliers, so that it is even easier to find the right equipment. It is possible to use existing or second-hand equipment, as long as it meets our company’s specifications.

Our company has a central call center for the entire RP chain with trained operators, which channels the orders to the branches. Also you will receive orders through the online shops and mobile apps our company collaborates with.

Available Areas
Are you interested in investing and seeking information about available areas?
Available Regions
Nea Erythraia
Agia Paraskevi (immediately available)
Keratsini (immediately available)
Rest of Greece:
Creta (Rethymno – Chania – Iraklion)

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